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Waiting: Flowers & Candy

Waiting: Flowers & Candy   Is the first episode in a mini series developed around the concept of fighting time. Various people in everyday situations. The moment when they are
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Stories From the CrowBar: Late Last Snow

You’ll be mad and curse me for bringing back those dreadful days when snow and shivering cold was in charge. You’ll hunt me down for being so despicable for reminding
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Stories From the CrowBar: The Inconspicuous

After a few ventures into the realm of short lines and scarcely populated sentences I’d like to treat you to a story-of-mine, or should I say a reel of images,
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Stories From the CrowBar: Matryoshka

Easter was a drag. Jesus and his kin were ever-so-present in everything we did. That’s what a Jehovah’s witness would tell you if you’d ask. Although I’m not quite sure
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Stories From the CrowBar: Symbols

By the time we come of age, we acquire a certain amount of knowledge about symbols, signs, references, metaphors, and euphemisms. We are able to decipher and decode these sometimes
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Stories From the CrowBar: Selective Disturbance

Have you seen a Jackson Pollock painting? A mesmerizing world of lines, incomprehensible shapes, crude brush strokes of violence, but most of all freedom of expression. This week’s piece is
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Stories From the CrowBar: Destitute of Time and Love

Within seven days you can do a lot of damage, even become the scum of society. Tragically, you could be already the most despised person of them all, but nobody
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Stories from the CrowBar: Mise-en-Mème

Behold, another installment in the series of non-sense intervened with social discomfort, illusions and the magic of realism. These “slightly” deranged attempts to sum up a peep-show, which is precisely how we perceive
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One Man’s Shenanigans

Ladies and gentlemen, behold! We have a new show called One Man’s Shenanigans! Thom CorbeauxHomme fait des rêves. www.corbeauxblog.com/
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Corbeaux’s Goon: A Movie Review

Have you seen Goon? Thom CorbeauxHomme fait des rêves. www.corbeauxblog.com/
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Time Travel and Murder

I fashionably started walking in a slow pace just to have the time to get on par with the breeze. It’s such joy to be connected with the elements and
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Sugar Low

I traveled into the past yesterday. It was a different universe. Not the same as I remembered. Revising those days made me wonder about the importance of the past again.
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Poetry, Je T’Aime..

If you ever thought poetry is just a ‘nice’ way how to put a few metaphors together to make the sounds of life a bit more compulsive and/or coherent, than
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The Outré Train

Nasledujúci článok je krátky príbeh v angličtine, ktorý má jemný fantastický podtón. Dúfame, že tento a podobné príbehy v budúcnosti Vás inšpirujú taktiež písať a popritom sa zdokonaľovať vo svetovom
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Corbeaux’s Prometheus (Movie Review)

Greetings, Earthlings, In a galaxy far, far away, although you’d use a worm hole to get there, a blue planet came to me. On it, with each succeeding year more
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