Did You Know? Xmas Randomness

Even if you’ve managed to ignore the not-so-subtle hints that Christmas is coming for the past one month and a half, it’s probably time to face the facts. Gaze upon our extremely random assortment of stuff you might already know.

Candy canes

Christmas is the best excuse for stuffing oneself with sugar in various forms. One of the most popular ones is the candy cane – a delicious piece of confectionery that makes all dentists go “cha-ching!”

“But mommy, how do they make the curvy part? I need to know!”

Well, Charlie, you’re in luck! Using powerful state-of-the-art technology used for the creation of so-called “moving pictures”, we are now able to show you what it looks like inside a candy cane factory. And there is nothing greater than seeing a giant sugary mass being mixed together.

Xmas vs. Christmas

Ever wonder what the difference between “Christmas” and “Xmas” is? And I don’t mean the fact that only one of these is associated with a murdering robot Santa. Time for a short etymology lesson.

What Do Santa and Wrestling Have In Common?

Mike from Idea Channel explains his idea behind yet another strange connection of 2 elements of popular culture.

Coca Colaus


There is an urban legend saying that Santa’s suit is red and white because of Coca-Cola. Although it would make a lot of sense (and it’s definitely a great argument for everybody bitching about the commercialization of Christmas), there are pictures depicting Santa in red from as early as 1906. And Coca-Cola wasn’t even the first soda Santa drank (he signed the deal of his lifetime in 1931) – it seems that in 1923 he preferred White Rock Ginger Ale. But in the end, it was Coca-Cola that took over and contributed quite a lot to the popularization of the image.


Baby Jesus

GPS-baby-jesusI’ll end with a question: I’ve always had a hard time trying to explain the concept of “Ježiško” to foreigners. It seems that an infant bringing you a ton of presents is less plausible than a fat guy climbing down the chimney. So what did/does your Baby Jesus look like and how did/does he bring you presents? Does he have telekinetic powers or does he simply have an army of minions?