Thor and Loki in the Dark World

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If you are a true comic book fan, you must have seen the news from our friend Marvel. Thor the Dark World is a sequel to a pretty successful movie Thor, and this time it’s not just the usual plot of comic stories about a world infested by supernatural beings trying to destroy it (in this case the world is Thor’s planet Asgard, which we are finally able to get to know) but the plot is enriched with a little romance and comedy. Yes, it is understandable that after Iron Man we have become somehow accustomed to certain benefits of humor and sarcasm in Marvel movies, but it was a nice surprise and a great improvement to otherwise ordinary film about a hero who saves our world from an evil villain. And of course, everyone is happy with the cast consisting of our favorites Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

If I were to rate this film, it would rank among the best movies Marvel has ever made​​. It’s got everything. Entertainment, action, adventure. And I really liked the unpredictable movie plot, the fact that you couldn’t say what was gonna happen so easily, and also the awesome blend of real world with the fantasy world. Finally we can see more of Thor and Loki’s relationship than ever before. And yeah, you can expect some sad scenes, too. I cried a little, not like I cried when I watched Iron Man 3 but yeah, I cried a little. So go watch it while you still can. You’ll not regret it. I promise! 🙂

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