Stories From the CrowBar: Late Last Snow

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You’ll be mad and curse me for bringing back those dreadful days when snow and shivering cold was in charge. You’ll hunt me down for being so despicable for reminding you about the layers of clothes you had to wear before you could step outside. Some of you haven’t even come to this line cause they don’t read “trash.” Some just stay away cause they don’t want to be involved in any conversation about the past.
Who knows what sort of people, if any, read these pieces..

“At 9:27PM Winter started to inexplicably melt away.”

The shivering cold of the neverending blizzard got you locked up, the sky is falling and the landscape’s sharp edges disappear under unbalanced heaps of whiteness.

The yellow and white lights shine through the night’s gown.
Illuminate various scenes close and far.
Reflect the road and track.
Extinguish inside of winter’s black.

Her beauty was a fragrance.
She sun-danced across my sight.
She got lost in silence for mere moments.
She twitched from time to time.
When she came back to answer, another question was served.
She was free falling within herself.


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