Stories From the CrowBar: Matryoshka

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Easter was a drag. Jesus and his kin were ever-so-present in everything we did. That’s what a Jehovah’s witness would tell you if you’d ask. Although I’m not quite sure if you can use a singular on them. They always come in pairs. Like socks. You can’t have the right without the left. Oh, I digressed. We were speaking about the holy days and Jesus’ ascend. They were preaching to me when all of a sudden this happened..


A beautiful Russian lady carried an enormous tacky purse in one hand and a blazing green bag filled with paint thinner in the other. She was heading for the university grounds where a black flag waved above its main campus building.

Somebody should tell the kissing couples to stop and pay their last respects to the deceased.

Two lesbian roommates were spending more and more time in their 4×4 room. The increased junk food appetite rose with every other episode of Cougar Town. They couldn’t stop. They were caught in-between stereotypes.

She got one yesterday. She will want one today. There’s no stopping her. She’s a maneater. The Goddess needs her daily man. Otherwise she will unleash her wrath onto the world. We will perish within her anger. Now go Corbeaux, be the next man sacrifice.


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