Stories from the CrowBar: Mise-en-Mème

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Behold, another installment in the series of non-sense intervened with social discomfort, illusions and the magic of realism. These “slightly” deranged attempts to sum up a peep-show, which is precisely how we perceive the world, cannot and will never make sense. Much like the world around you, the short outbursts of meager poetry are trying to convey the fleeing world. The faces you no longer remember, the food you ate a month ago, the girls/boys you smiled at. Your life is equally unimportant to these passer-byes who might, for a short moment, think about You.


“Contradiction is an addiction. The world contradicts itself to stay alive.”

Danube lay down and spread her legs wide, offering herself to him. She was a dark and hideous mistress. “Bear in mind that many entered and were never the same,” she said. 

A hobo started yelling today. He cried for help, screaming: ‘Skinhead!’ All of a sudden there was silence.

Fell in love with a Brown girl. She stabbed me to death while we passionately stared each other up. Swiftly took everything away. Left a note saying she won’t be back, no matter what.

They lost the game, again. Everybody was disappointed, again. Mere seconds before the start of the game, again.

Light dies seven times in seven. Times thirty isn’t four hundred and eleven. That’s not the amount of virgins you’ll get in heaven. It’s almost seven.

The guitar string broke. She loved her so much. I’ll never love like that again. In silence she decided to go out and get a new one.

My body persistently misinforms me about a whole lot of things. One more reason to get to the bottom of nearly everything. Then again, emotions get in the way. My body persistently misinforms me.


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