Stories From the CrowBar: Symbols

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By the time we come of age, we acquire a certain amount of knowledge about symbols, signs, references, metaphors, and euphemisms. We are able to decipher and decode these sometimes intricate structures created to convey meaning in a universally understandable way. Discouragement may arise when we are presented with a seemingly unrecognized way of bringing about meaning. Although the opposite reaction, interest, is of the same value to the presenter of the new symbolism. By now you’ve learned that every piece, line and phrase has a life of its own. However, and I will contradict myself at this point, the imbedded meaning has a stronger narrative prospect when put inline with others. It pushes the entire piece onwards. It gives it a greater impact. It makes it “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” just like Daft Punk says. But, without further ado read on below for this week’s “stories“.

vaudeville men Mirror

“One armed men always cross the road when the light turns red.”

My eyes betray me at every step.
I make loud noises within the solemn concrete pathways.
Dull lights illuminate my pilgrimage.
I hope I won’t freeze to death.
I want to walk and never stop.
I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid of becoming a shadow.
I’m intoxicated.

<Look at how I strangle literary climax to death>

Leave. Forget. Die.
Live. Remember. Stay.

Distance makes any kind of woman skinnier. Dimm light illuminates their beauty. Wine spreads their legs easier.

Various shades hide edges of blades.

An unmanned chair was placed on a vacant parking spot. The sing read: Looking for a home. Don’t want to be solitary no more.3b43974r

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