Sugar Low

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I traveled into the past yesterday. It was a different universe. Not the same as I remembered. Revising those days made me wonder about the importance of the past again. How much do we dwell, reminisce and return into the days that have passed?

It seems that we try over and over to recreate the times that are long gone. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a marvelous thing to do. Although if it is poorly executed, it just brings the past back as a new and altered universe that we might feel out of touch with. Inflicting some bittersweet “damage” onto the senses sometimes makes the blend seem less blurry and it all clears up. This can work the other way around and have a negative outcome, as well. It, nevertheless, is a time travelling experience – be it good or bad. There’s, however, a lesson to be learned here, in spite of the taunting reviews of the past that were flashing on the walls, there was nostalgia going around. Seeing all the people wearing lumberjack shirts (flannel), black-and-red stripped sweaters, punky outfits and then some more, made me realize that what was a sign of revolt and a pledge to rebel against uniformity became a mass embraced memento of the Rock decade. This could be very well applied to each decade that has its revolutionary cultural movement; either widely embraced or just being seen in the underground section of aesthetics. In the end, it was nothing but a booze fest. A display of what was considered to be a hit single, not only from the 90s, but 2000s and even 80s (Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on Prayer). All of that made me think about the 90s so much more. Was there not enough material from the 90s that could stand on its own and fill an entire night’s show? Why did the show’s producers resolve to cheap tricks such as borrowing mainstream hits from MTV? Was this a mindless crowd pleasing party? If the answer is yes, then the 90s are still not that far away to make themselves distinct. They’re within close relation to the above mentioned decades. Although a more refined pick would please even the hard core 90s fan. I walked back from the concert/show fairly disappointed and a bit intoxicated. The alcohol in my veins made it easier to fall asleep. In the morning, the question crawled up from within the depths of my head: Where’s something sugary when you needed it?


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