The Outré Train

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Nasledujúci článok je krátky príbeh v angličtine, ktorý má jemný fantastický podtón. Dúfame, že tento a podobné príbehy v budúcnosti Vás inšpirujú taktiež písať a popritom sa zdokonaľovať vo svetovom jazyku.

So there we are. The train’s roaring past towns, fields, scurrying underneath bridges, through stations and chuckles on to lands beyond the mountainous horizon. We’re about half an hour away from the departing station. There, out of nowhere a tall, opulent, under the influence looking fellow creeps up at our couchette door. He looks puzzled and doesn’t know what to do. Right in front of the window he twists and turns like a ballerina. After this short introductory salvo he grabs hold of the door handle of our full 6 passenger compartment. Patient and gleaming through the soft glass he looks at everybody as if he knew all of our doings. Everybody starts eyeballing the person next to them as if there was an evil doer among us.

Within a split second the larger than life ballet dancer pushes the door to the side and stands in the doorway for a couple of second waiting for the sitting bunch to make a move. The sudden intrusion makes everyone stiff. Due to the inability to understand the actions of this peculiar man, everybody tries to act cool and returns to what they were doing before – staring, sitting, reading, listening and so on. It’s the ostrich syndrome – put your head into sand and act like nothing’s going on.

The man is not so easily put off by the lack of interest displayed by the passengers. He flamboyantly enters and doesn’t ask questions, nor accepts any. He starts to grin as if there was something about this place he particularly likes and is willing to sacrifice every piece of dignity he has for it. He doesn’t care about the passengers inside, come to think of it, he neglects them altogether. At one point, he reminded me of one of those overgrown St. Bernard dogs bearing a minuscule barrel around his neck waiting and wanting to rescue somebody with the sweet liquor of his. Although that seemed a pleasant thought, this “dog” came in here searching for something miles away from an injured or otherwise constipated individual. Like a German Shepherd he stuck out his nose and eyes to the heavens and began sniffing, scanning and examining our luggage. A routine check by a security agent? I didn’t know that these guys existed in Slovakia. How crazy and unlikely could that be? This odd man could be a bomb, for all I know. With a belly that big? Who knows how much nitroglycerin could he be hiding underneath there. Certainly, I don’t want to offend the man (or anyone with the same physique), though I’m a curious creature and the size of this intruder, sort to speak, made me wonder about the implications. However, I digressed.

So, there we were, trying to tame the grizzly with our blank stares. No success. No one could pose or even bothered to ask a question to the great mass. He ferociously scanned and skimmed. What could he be looking for? When, all of a sudden, he stopped. He threw himself at one of the passenger’s bags and started digging under it like he could scent something. He needed to apprehend whatever it was he was looking for as soon as possible otherwise it would be a disastrous day. This scavenger was scrupulous. Throwing around the bag like he owned it. Still, nobody had the faintest idea, not to say the courage to address this “gentle” man. In another moment, when the sun hit him just right and I looked in a slant angle he resembled Homer Simpson’s distant cousin, though that’s too exaggerated.  All that digging happened all so quick. Within seconds he pulled out something from underneath the bag. Victorious and triumphant he presented his treasure to the eager audience. A bottle. Filled with bubbly water. In appreciation of nobody interrupting him in the burrowing he awarded us with a shameless and puppy-like smile. As everybody started to look at themselves and laugh about the awkwardness of what just happened the man fled the scene. At this point nobody paid attention anymore. We laughed for a few moments and realized how bizarre, yet entertaining was this man’s fit.

By Tomas Samuel Corbeaux.

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