This Week in TV: Bakers are in!

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There was stuff happening in the Slovak National Parliament, sitcom-quality stuff. However, on to the more important matters.

Her Mother Couldn’t Name Her Oops

2 Broke Girls Season 3 (CBS, United States)

Valiant story of two brave waitresses/cupcake-baking ladies returns. Tough, street-wise and big-breasted Max and fair, formerly-spoiled and blond Caroline are back in food industry business. This show is a must if you ever worked at McDonald’s or are a woman.

If It’s Good, It Must Be From Israel

Hostages (CBS, United States)

Made on the basis of unaired Israeli drama, Hostages proved itself to be one of the most suspensful pilots this season. Brilliant FBI agent kidnaps family of surgeon who is operating on president. It’s exactly like Homeland, only we don’t know who is crazy yet. Men are badass and ladies are awesome like you’ve never seen them.

Welcome to Level Seven

Agents of SHIELD (ABC Family, United States)

There comes a time for every generation to have all the people they love killed by Joss Whedon. The new order of fresh television with feminism principles and wiseass cracks is up. Watch it real quick, before the hipsters will find out about it.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: Of Giants and Smallfolk and Bible

Kings (NBC, United States)

There has been a lot of controversy about Bible lately and by lately I mean past two thousand years. Here is one show based on the story of David and Goliath. It has gay dudes and Ian McShane, so even liberal hipsters can watch it without loosing their cool.

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