This week in TV: Boobs and presidents and Samberg

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This week was the best because I saw boobs and the end of The Newsroom. Just let me explain.

Lizzy Caplan Explains That Oral Isn’t Love

Masters of Sex (Showtime, United States)

Showtime’s latest historic drama Masters of Sex focuses on real story of one misogynist gynecologist and one former night-club singer/current single mother of two as they research sexual response of human body. Set in the 1950s and despite the word “sex” in title, it’s one of the best critiques of social injustice you’ve seen this decade. If for nothing else, watch if for the lesbian prostitutes and Michael Sheen’s brilliant performance.

The Newsroom Is Caput

The Newsroom Season 2 (HBO, United States)

As much as I love Sorkin, I had a difficult relationship with this season. I hate long bogus storylines and right now I have no idea which story about sarin gas was the reason to almost nuke Syria in real life. But it’s finally over and everybody gets married to everybody. Happy finish, happy finish, as Japanese girls say.

SNL Police Drama Parody Newcomer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox, United States)

Another nice shot at police procedural parody is up. Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings together tough environment of New York police department and single-camera sitcom qualities. There is only one riddle its main character can’t solve – how to grow up. Get ready for appearances of the whole SNL cast.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: Animated Ron Swanson From Mind of 5-year-old

Axe Cop (Fox, United States)

Brace yourselves for story of magnificent Axe Cop who is amazing and awesome and stuff. The show was based on story from Malachai Nicolle (age 5) and animation of his brother, Ethan Nicolle (age 28). I promise you, you’ve never seen anything like this before.

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