This Week in TV: Buffy-ception and Teyla

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It’s a big comeback week, everybody. Sarah Michelle Gellar finally gets to act, another sad mutant series is born, and American Cultness Story returns. And I rewatched the entire Stargate Atlantis just to realize nothing in it appeals to me except for good old plotless Teyla.

Spectacular Killer Coffee

The Crazy Ones (CBS, United States)

How would an advertising agency run by Good Will Hunting Psychologist and Buffy look like? CBS’s new sitcom brought together group of dedicated comedians who are clearly having way too much fun on the set. It’s much smarter than you would think. Winner of the Fall Surprise prize.

Go Sparkly with X-Men

The Tomorrow People (The CW, United States)

Haven’t seen anything truly appalling lately? Remedy is called The Tomorrow People, the last one of long line of superhero/mutant-powers TV shows. The main plot looks like Twilight on acid. This show is heading straight for the geek hall of shame, don’t miss out on it.

Ding-Dong, the Witches Are Back

American Horror Story: Coven (FX, United States)

Disturbing anthology show about slightly horrifying things is back. This time we’re talking Salem witches. You want to look clever during your Hipster Anonymous meetings? You’ll watch this “guaranteed cult”, pronto.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: Show About Teyla Emmagan’s Arms

Stargate Atlantis (SyFy, United States)

As science fiction shows go, this one is for the boys in the audience. Lots of gunfire, alien vampires and explosions. Also contains of the most reasonable straight-forward male friendships on TV. And character of Teyla, Utterly Useless Leader of Native Species.

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