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This week in TV: Evil lesbians and crying CIA agents

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Good news, everyone! From now on you will receive the top three moments from last week’s TV in less than a quadrillion words. All that with one sentimental bonus look at the TV shows long gone. My name is Namu and as your fellow TV addict, it is my pleasure to lead you further away from life outside, sun in the sky, and interaction with actual human beings.

Evil Lesbian Shenanigans!

A Touch of Cloth: Undercover Cloth (Sky, United Kingdom)

King of British parody is back. Charlie Brooker brought back a second installment of A Touch of Cloth – a dark cautionary tale of overused cop clichés. If you like TV, you’re gonna love Brooker’s wit in 90-minute two-parter about DCI Jack Cloth, depressed middle-aged cop with the whole package of alcohol dependency issues, troubled past and disrespect for both authority and continuity as well. How will Jack fare in undercover sting? How evil will the powerful lesbians be this time? It’s like everything you’ve ever seen on a cop show, only better. If nothing else, watch it for that one character actually named Tumblr. TUMBLR, YU GUISE.

Come On, Guys, Who Made Carrie Cry This Time?

Homeland Season 3 (Showtime, United States)

Third year of devious drama of treachery and mental illness in top government agency leaked its first episode all over your internet. Aftermath of culminative season two finale is at hand. Agent Carrie Matherson cries during her interrogation like a little bipolar baby. Her terrorist/heroic boyfriend is nowhere to be seen. CGIs are left unfinished. The American remake of Israeli drama is certainly worth a peek, now matter how silly the plot went.

3 Reasons For Liking Time Travel

NTSF SD SUV (Adult Swim, United States)

Everything you ever wanted from Doctor Who is now on NTSF SD SUV, including Karen Gillan. This week the Adult Swim’s ten-minute parody on every TV trope in the book presented the stupidest and also the sexiest timetraveling trio in the universe – crimefighting Time Angels! Tune in for fun time at time slide.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: Rapidly-speaking and 3D-emotional underage dancers

Bunheads (2011, ABC Family, United States)

If you liked Gilmore Girls, you are going to be weirdly disturbed by the second TV show made from scratch by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Essentially, she took all the lesser known actresses from Gilmore Girls, mixed in some new faces, applied slightly edited script from random season of GGs, then dressed them all in ballet tutus and made them do things with their legs no underage girl should ever do on television. But their lines are still funny and I hear those dance routines are actually very well made, so we’re not pervs or anything. Bunheads were unfortunately cancelled after 18 episodes, just like the main character’s childhood.

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