This Week in TV: Irishmen in Action

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This week in TV is the last week in TV. I love you, guys, but you know me and commitment. I’m physically unable of consistency. It’s not you, it’s me. I never even finished watching Inception. Kept falling asleep.

As a sendoff to this small piece of Thursday night delight I’m going to recommend you one show I discovered last week. It’s about a bunch of friends drinking their way out of reality. It’s truly inspiring.

Lovable Paddies Getting Hammered

London Irish (United Kingdom, Channel 4)

Comedy about four Northern Irish twenty-somethings living in London. Advanced philosophy, absurd comedy, and Sinead Keenan’s raspy voice with an Irish accent. Simply put, heaven in 30 minutes.

I hope you liked our short journey into TV land. It was fun for me. I’ll be sure to call you. Bye. *closes door and runs away*

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