This week in TV: Take it like a man from gun-selling Jesus

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Welcome back. The Syrian crisis continues, bunch of kids in Europe returns to school and the weather is kind of flimsy. September can be a bitch sometimes. But how about those TV shows?

Bikes, guns and whores are back

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 (FX, United States)

The manliest show on television is back. Destiny of motorcycle-riding gun-toting and drug-selling club unravels in the opening of Season 6. The leader of the club, Jax Teller, looks more and more like Jesus Christ. If you’re not big on prostitutes or Christianity, try it out for the most macho guy who literally bites out his tongue during the interrogation just to prove his point.

“The courier was sick, Oliver!”

Rookie Blue (ABC, United States)

This Grey’s Anatomy of police shows opened up a can of worms. Lonely worms. Meet Gail Peck, tough and uncompromising police officer with punchline always locked and loaded. Her favourite thing to go shopping for? Weapons. She’s amazing, right? However, she just can’t find the right man to spend her life with. In the last couple of episodes she meets nice lady from pathology and the cruel process of self-realisation and awkward dates can begin. Even if you genuinely hate women and aren’t comfortable when confronted with lesbians, you are still going to love Gail Peck despite your every intention, because you are a lonely sucker and so is she.

Jack Whitehall messes his hair up

Bad Education Season 2 (BBC Two, United Kingdom)

The best TV show about worst teachers returned to British television. Jack Whitehall’s acclaimed script debut focuses on thoroughly incompetent teacher in first grade school. While his beautiful hair is destroyed for the sake of the plot, his tactless wit remains. Don’t miss Jack’s his classroom consisting of disabled guy, horny teenage girl, gay Arab, angry dude with issues, Asian girl with cunning plan of taking over the world and a fat kid.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: That Lady In A Tight Skirt Who Kills All The Demons

Buffy (CW, United States)

The best show in the school setting that not only teaches you how to ditch a class or how to ask a girl out, but also prepares you for fighting demons and saving the world on weekly basis. Behold, vampires from time when they were actually cool and not just shovel-faced! Oh, don’t roll your eyes over the antique costumes and make-up. It gets better after season 3. Get over yourself and enjoy some Whedon banter and wisdom about life.

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