This Week in TV: Tea and apples and pears

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Bloody hell, Guv! This week it’s Britain, Britain, Britain on my TV. Two pieces of comedy and one pack of hot blond third-time remade drama mess. Tally-ho!

How to Work With Quotations, by Comedians

Was it Something I Said (United Kingdom, Channel 4)

David Mitchell and his regal beard are at it again. Along with Richard Ayoade and Micky Flanagan, he presents the most recent of British panel shows. The premise is: Take quotes from famous people and make as much fun of them as you possibly can. Valuable exercise in procrastination for anybody trying to finish a thesis. You can call it a research.

UK Scripted Comedy of Year

The Wrong Mans (United Kingdom, BBC Two)

James Corden and Matt Baynton have decided to bring some quality British comedy back to television. Their comedy about “two co-workers entangled in deadly serious web of crime” hits all the right notes for every TV nerd. It’s like watching Hynes and Pegg do Spaced, only 14 years later.

Clémence Poésy being annoying

The Tunnel (United Kingdom and France, Sky Atlantic and Canal+)

Three beautiful blond attempts to capture the issues of personal and international communication masquerading as a murder inquiry. Story revolves around the friendship of a sad French lady-cop with Asperger’s and a happy-go-lucky English guy-cop with marital issues. This remake of a remake takes place in the Eurotunnel between United Kingdom and France. Despite watching the same script third time, it’s still awesome.

BLAST FROM THE PAST bonus: 50 Years of Madman in a Box

Doctor Who (United Kingdom, BBC One)

In case you’ve never watched this sophisticated television series intended as a kid’s TV show, Doctor Who is a science-fiction legend about an eccentric guy living in a time-machine who travels a lot, usually to Cardiff. He also seeks companionship of young ladies. He’s like your regular Welsh truck-driver. This year marks show’s 50th anniversary and here’s a trailer for a special celebratory episode.

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