This Week on TV: Breaking Bad Special

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My entire life has turned into one long dinner with bald high-school chemistry teacher, his bitchy wife, and their son who uses Comic Sans. You guessed right, I’m binge-watching Breaking Bad. All those never-ending conversations about lasagna took up a considerable amount of my time, therefore rendering me incapable of watching valuable TV about breasty waitresses or doctors studying the human sexual response. Usual fan service will be resumed next week. Now, here are some facts about this show loved by junkies and hipsters.

Best television drama of the decade, my arse!

Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, set out to create a world in which “the protagonist became the antagonist”. Such transformation could only be achieved in the world of crystal meth manufacturing and distribution. You have to admit, it’s the most original idea for a show since Weeds from only three years before Breaking Bad.

Everybody Has the Mind of a 13-year-old

Back to the amazing transformation of characters themselves. As opposed to big, dramatic changes from one end of the mental spectrum to the other, everybody sort of gets stuck in this limbo that is a soul of 13-year-old girl who got her pony stolen from her. No motivation remains valid for too long. Cancer? Cured. Fiscal issues? Here you go, have a bucket full of money. Let’s eat breakfast for half the episode and talk about family and trust and pride and America.

New Mexico is Really Pretty

Tax reductions do wonders for television show production. Script was initially set in California, but production moved south due to better financial conditions. With 3 million USD budget for an episode you are going to get some good shots, I’ll give you that. Sunset, sunrise, all sorts of artsy shots including sun as the main character. If you’re into wildlife documentary made mostly in Spanish, this is your lucky day.

In conclusion, I think the writing sucks, I think the characters are crap and I think there needs to be more Danny Trejo.

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