Waiting: Flowers & Candy

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Waiting: Flowers & Candy  

Is the first episode in a mini series developed around the concept of fighting time. Various people in everyday situations. The moment when they are with themselves brings about their anxieties, phobias, angst or neuroses.

The story of a man waiting for a girl of his dreams. A universal tale where he stands against time and himself. The right decisions might be the wrong ones and vice versa.

The man isn’t sure of himself, thus hides beneath layers of cliché artifacts. These even further stretch his nightmare of being abandoned. What should’ve helped him to make an impression (flowers, candy, suit, tie and glasses), transform him into an antique. A forgotten relic who symbolizes the very thing [time] he’s fighting. Every little piece of the puzzle he carefully put together beforehand is shattered and becomes obsolete once She arrives.

Waiting Teaser#3

Made with the help of Yablko, Marek Susnyak and Zee.

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